Your Perfect Purpose

In today’s fast-paced, overly saturated, digital and social climbing society—it is no wonder we are the most anxious, stressed out, and depressed civilization to date.

According to the CDC, suicide rates in the United States have risen nearly 30 percent since 1999 (right around the time the internet was found in the majority of homes and social media was making its first appearance through a company called Six Degrees).

Then comes the shocking fact that for young women, the statistics are much worse.

The rate of suicide for women has increased by an astonishing 50% since the year 2000.

And to us, it’s no wonder why.

The rate of suicide for women has increased by an astonishing 50% since the year 2000.

These days, women are pressed at every angle with expectations to be “perfect” in the way they carry themselves, in their relationships, in their business… And that’s not even scratching the surface on the pressures women feel about the way they look. New diet programs, new fashion trends, new skin care remedies—and Botox. This wrinkle-reducer is no longer only for those in their late 40’s or 50’s. Now, it’s common for women as young as 20 to get Botox as a “preventative” to aging.

No wrinkles.

No scars.

No fat.

We’re too big. We’re too skinny. We’re too dark. We’re too pale. We’re simply not satisfied with who we are.

The unspoken truth that women must be (unattainably) “perfect” is shattering young minds and causing tremendous anxiety.

From Pinterest boards to Instagram profiles, from body rights politics to feminist movements, even in baking shows and fashion magazines—women from all over the world are searching for one thing: their identity and their purpose.

Women are stronger today than they have ever been, and we have more rights in this country than any other group of women in the world. And yet, we still struggle with our identity.

Who are we, and what were we created to be?

If we don’t understand our purpose, then comparison begins to take over. We compare our lives with those we follow on social media and strive to become something we are not. We compare our jobs, our clothes, our vacations (or lack thereof), our relationships, our social lives… the list goes on and on.

Mark Twain said it best, and I quote, “Comparison is the death of joy.”

When we stop beating ourselves up for not having enough followers, enough likes, enough clothes, enough shoes, enough vacation time, or enough money—we can finally STOP—and learn how to accept ourselves, just as we are.

I want you to honestly ask yourself the following questions…

  1. Does your life have meaning?
  2. Are you content in the state that you are currently in?
  3. Are you okay making mistakes and loving yourself through them?
  4. Do you wish you could wake up each day, fully living and fully loving your life?

Our daily habits, attitudes, beliefs, and expectations will either create barriers that prevent us from moving forward, or they will launch us into our purpose and destiny.


By understanding your purpose.

You can live a life of legacy and purpose without it always looking so glamorous. Some of the most impactful and influential people in history are those who were simply tried and true, compassionate and caring individuals.

Understanding your purpose and identity through positive change will drastically shift your personal development, the health of your relationships, and ultimately, transform your life.

Start with this today: You are good enough. You already have everything you need. And you are completely, and totally loved—just as you are.

Written by: anticipatejoy |