What We Offer

Individual Therapy

Therapy isn’t only helpful for those who suffer a loss or have experienced trauma. We can help individuals struggling with anxiety, those who want to enhance their relationships, or those who need help working through their next steps in life. Our goal is to bring a fresh, positive perspective to anyone who feels they would benefit from a clearer sense of self and an unhindered view of what the future could hold. We’ll provide a diverse list of therapists that best fit your needs and wants. You select your therapist and how you want to interact, (audio, video, or text) and schedule appointments to fit your schedule.

Couples Therapy

Every couple goes through highs and lows in their relationships. With Anticipate Joy, you and your partner can schedule sessions to navigate life changes, and disagreements, and strengthen your communication all when you feel you need it the most.

Coming Soon – TheraGroup

TheraGroup is a virtual group therapy community moderated by mental health professionals, who facilitate discussions on a wide variety of topics – such as overcoming worry, grief and loss, relationship improvement, parenting and so much more- and steers these conversations, to give you even more helpful resources for navigating everyday life. Theragroup connects people with similar struggles and mental health concerns for the sole purpose of support, encouragement, and positive interactions. TheraGroup will be an optional, additional service that you can choose to include in your Anticipate Joy membership.

Emergency Resources

At Anticipate Joy, we specialize in providing online counseling services that help people be the best versions of themselves in all aspects of their life, work, and relationships. If you are suffering from severe mental illness, thoughts of self-harm or harming others, please do not use Anticipate Joy. In cases such as these, it is more beneficial to seek traditional face-to-face counseling with a therapist in your area. If you are in crisis and need immediate assistance, use the following resources.

911 Emergency

+1 (800) 273-8255 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
+1 (800) 799-7233 National Domestic Violence Hotline
+1 (800) 996-6228 Family Violence Helpline
+1 (800) 366-8288 Self-Harm Hotline
+1 (800) 931-2237 National Eating Disorder Association Helpline (NEDA)
+1 (800) 622-2255 Alcoholism & Drug Dependence Hopeline
+1 (800) 622-4357 Substance, Abuse, and Mental Health Services Administration Helpline