Mansfield Fire Department First Responders Appreciation

First Responder Community Outreach 

In the height of the COVID pandemic our first responders were tired. They were exhausted physically, experiencing prolonged high levels of stress and excessive emotional tension – both on and off-duty. Not only did our first responders experience higher-than-normal call volumes that expose them to greater risk of COVID-19 infection, but the stress carried over into first responders’ personal lives more than ever before. 

Anticipate Joy was excited to partner with Cakes By Tayte to provide the Mansfield Fire Departments with some sweet treats as a way to lift their spirits. Anticipate Joy felt particularly drawn to help our first responders because our beloved Anticipate Joy executive team member, Dallas Evans, has served as a firefighter and paramedic for many years. It brought Anticipate Joy great joy to bring a little sweetness to our Mansfield Fire Departments. Celebrating and impacting our city, The City of Mansfield and our first responders is what we are all about.

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