Letter From Founders

Welcome to Anticipate Joy®

We are honored that you have entrusted us with your mental health and wellness. Whether through Online Professional Counseling or the Social Connect Groups, we value our role in helping you experience “Your Best Life Ahead.”

As clinical psychologists, we founded Anticipate Joy based on our experience in witnessing the change process in so many of our clients’ lives. Seeing them make courageous steps toward healing and wholeness proved that no matter the circumstance, with the right help, we can Anticipate Joy.

Our diverse group of licensed mental health providers are equipped with evidence-based treatment and techniques to guide you through lifes challenges. More importantly they are committed to your process of healing and growth.

Our hearts are warmed knowing that Anticipate Joy is the first step for many in a journey to an improved quality of life. We congratulate you and wish you Godspeed.

From the Desk of
Dr. Karla Evans and Dr. Veronica Tetterton,
Founders of Anticipate Joy®