How to Anticipate Joy in a Pandemic

A Letter from the Founders of Anticipate Joy

Amid our national coronavirus health crisis, our nation is most shaken by the fact that we don’t know what to anticipate. We don’t know what to expect. We consume massive amounts of media looking for someone, anyone — Dr. Fauci, Dr. Sonja Gupta, President Trump — to tell us what to anticipate, so we know how best to prepare. But the skyrocketing spread of COVID-19 leaves us more confused and evermore worried about what the future holds. The unsettling truth is, many people have already died, and life as we know it won’t be the same, for some time at least. So how do you Anticipate Joy in the midst of a challenging season?

As mothers, wives, daughters, entrepreneurs and clinical psychologists, the team at Anticipate Joy shares your concerns about what the future holds. Like you, we have questions about what will happen to our children, elderly loved ones, business and our finances? Nevertheless, we offer this bit of advice for those who are looking for hope — those who want to Anticipate Joy for the future but can’t.

At Anticipate Joy, our company mantra is “Shift Your Focus.” That’s because we truly believe that difficult circumstances have more than one vantage point. That is, if you reorient yourself and gaze upon it from a different perspective, it is guaranteed to give you new insight and hope.

Shift your focus! This is not a trite saying meant to be chanted in a locker room. No, when we say shift your focus, we mean take this actionable step:

Find the good. You may ask, is it possible to acknowledge good in the midst of a global pandemic? And the answer is a resounding yes! We can see a rallying of public and governmental agencies coming together, pooling resources to make testing and aid more readily available. We also see kindness and generosity as people offer to shop and prepare food for the elderly, or others offering supplies for those who missed the stockpile notice. You might say it’s akin to finding the silver lining. Every cloud, no matter how dreary, has one. Look for the potential for a beneficent outcome or a positive effect. Reorienting yourself to this point of view, though challenging, can be the best way to reduce depression and fear, and replace it with confidence and inner peace.

From the Desk of
Dr. Karla Evans and Dr. Veronica Tetterton,
Founders of Anticipate Joy