I-35 Fort Worth Collision Mental Health Free Counseling Support

February 2021 was a challenging month for many North Texans. After the fallout from the Interstate-35 pileup, involving more than 130 vehicles in Fort Worth, and the unprecedented winter storm leaving a lasting impact on millions of North Texans,  Anticipate Joy was there to support many Texans dealing with grief from the loss of loved ones, property damage, unexpected bills, and other stressors.

As clinical psychologists, the cofounders of Anticipate Joy, Dr. Karla Evans & Dr. Veronica Tetterton were moved to launch an impact initiative to offer free counseling services. Anticipate Joy provided free virtual counseling sessions with licensed mental health professionals, to Texans who were struggling with the mental health toll these traumatic experiences caused. In addition, the co-founders rallied the community to get involved by sponsoring additional free therapy sessions for those impacted. The free online counseling initiative was highly publicized on many local news outlets including NBCDFW News, Fort Worth Magazine, Local Now, and NEWSBREAK.



Fort Worth Magazine 


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