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Consider Us Your Mental Wellness Department

Your employees work hard for you each day. There are countless pressures – both at work and at home – that can get in the way of them delivering their best. Daunting responsibilities. Challenging relationships. Anxiety about debt. The list goes on.

You can boost the emotional wellness of your employees and enhance your company culture with the click of a button, thanks to Anticipate Joy.

Anticipate Joy offers easy access to private counseling sessions with licensed professional therapists on a secure, HIPAA-compliant online platform. At a low and reasonable cost to you, we can provide your company with convenient online counseling sessions for any team members who want or need online therapy. We can customize our mental wellness packages to meet your organization’s needs.

Going the extra mile to maximize the emotional wellness of your team, improve workplace morale and investing in the personal growth of your employees can not only strengthen and unify the people who matter the most to your organization, it can also put you in the running for Boss Of The Year – and Anticipate Joy can help!

“When the mental wellness of your employees is at its best, they can deliver their best to you.”

If you own or manage a business of any size and are interested in learning more about Anticipate Joy’s online professional counseling platform, please submit an inquiry below.

“Bring mental wellness benefits to your employees and organization!”

What We Offer

Online Counseling

We can offer your members / workers / congregants easy access to private + professional counseling using our secure online counseling platform.

At a low and reasonable cost to you, you can provide access to weekly online professional counseling sessions, to any of your members / workers / congregants who desire it!